Our mission?

we compromise to donate 10% of our profits to NGO and animal rescue organization that rescue dogs, cats and other types of animals suffering on the streets or neglected in the wild

What we do...


Since team Bull Terrier started, our goal has always been to have a social responsibility that is related to animals. 

We help you to adopt

We help people from other countries with the adoption of rescued dogs of different animal shelter with whom we collaborate, so its easier and there is no language barrier

Why help?

We are located in Spain, one of the countries with the most stray dogs. This is a big problem, that’s why we contribute to improve thisWe believe that every grain of sand counts.

our benefic festivals

bull terrier and friends

music festivals

We have always been very active in organizing events. In them our goal is to get people together and have a good time, enjoy music, and what better idea than at a music festival. Of course, all the benefits of these festivals are entirely destined to help of NGOs and Rescue teams in Spain.

some animales you can help....

we are on our way

Thanks to the NGOs and animal rescue organizations with whom we work, thousands of animals have been able to rebuild their lives with a new family