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Our mission

We help to provide food and health care

Copia de bull terrier and friends (2)
Copia de bull terrier and friends (3)

Every time we sell a bottle of licors bull terrier it represent 3 kilos of dog food. The food we buy for the dog shelters is coming from the spanish brand called Breedna. As we care to help animals we also care about our spanish companies and therefore we chose to work with local firms.

The centers we support are small  local organisations that do not have the exposure to attract donations. 

We don’t just provide food, we also help shelters with any veterinary care needs. We believe that every animal is worthy of a good situation and good health, especially in its temporary home.


Avda Del Principe de Asturias, 9 Zamora, SPAIN

Our hours

10:00 AM – 19:00 PM
Monday – Sunday

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